Islamia University of Bahawalpur

ResearcherSupervisorTitle of ResearchStatusLevelYear
Aabdur Rehman BokhariStudy of users attitudes towards the use of Resources and Services in University Libraries in Pakistan and Azad KashmirPh. D
Ghulam AbbasImpact of IT in Agriculture Universities of PakistanPh. D
Ishtiaq AhmedInter-library Loan in University Libraries in Pakistan.Ph. D
M. Yaqoob ChaudhryContinuing Education in Library Science in Pakistan.Ph. D
Fozia HashmiContribution of UNESCO towards Bibliographical DevelopmentPh. D
M. H. ShafiqLibrarianship as a Choice of CareerPh. D
Mah BushraA Study of Library Professionals towards Special Librarianship in PakistanPh. D
Sajjad Ramooz
A Study of Services & Standards for Secondary School Libraries in Pakistan
Ph. D
ShahidServices and Systems in Brail Libraries in PakistanPh. D
Tahir ShahService and Standards of Libraries of Higher Learning institutions in PakistanPh. D
Aisha SaadiaComparative Study of Attitudes towards the use of Information Sources by Physical and Social Scientists in University Libraries of PakistanPh. D
Ghalib KhanDr. Rubina BhattiInformation Needs and Seeking Behavior of the Law Faculty Members: The Survey of the University of Peshawar and its Affiliated Law CollegesDegree awardedM. Phil2010
Shakeel Ahmed KhanDr. Rubina BhattiRole of Pakistan Library Association in the Development of Profession: Issues, Challenges & ProspectsDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Mah-e-Bushra AsgharDr. Rubina BhattiMarketing of Library and Information Services and Products: An Appraisal for the University Libraries of Punjab and Capital of PakistanDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Hafiza Zaheer FatimaDr. Rubina BhattiJob Satisfaction Among LIS Professionals in the Public & Private Sector University Libraries of Punjab & Federal: A Comparative StudyDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Attia FirdousDr. Rubina Bhatti
Information Needs & Information Seeking Behavior of Scientists in Agricultural Institutions of Punjab: A Survey
Degree awardedM. Phil2011
Muhammad HanifDr. Rubina BhattiInformation Need & Information Seeking Behaviour of Social Scientists in the BZU University, MultanDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Muhammad SaleemDr. Rubina BhattiApplication and Usage of Web 2.0 Technology in University Libraries of Punjab: A SurveyDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Muhammad Waqas JavedDr. Rubina Bhatti
Information Need & Information Seeking Behaviour of Post Graduate Students in Nishter Medical College, Multan
Degree awardedM. Phil2011
Ata ur RehmanDr. Rubina Bhatti
Use of Free and Open Source Software in University Libraries of Punjab and Federal Capital of Pakistan: Current Status and Future Prospects
In ProgressM. Phil
Mazhar HayatDr. Rubina Bhatti
Current Status of ICT Skills among University Library Professionals in Punjab and Capital of Pakistan
In ProgressM. Phil
Muhammad NadeemDr. Rubina Bhatti
Training Need Assessment of LIS Professionals in University Libraries of Punjab & Islamabad
In ProgressM. Phil
Saima QutabDr. Rubina Bhatti
An Appraisal of Managerial and Technical Handling of Manuscripts of Lahore
In ProgressM. Phil
Javed IqbalDr. Rubina BhattiPublic Libraries as Community Learning Centers: A Case Study of Public Libraries under Higher Education Department, Government of PunjabIn ProgressM. Phil
Farwa BatoolDr. Rubina Bhatti
Internet Adoption among Students in the Universities of South Punjab: A Survey
In ProgressM. Phil
Anam AmjadDr. Shamshad AhmedImpact of Electronic Resources on Research: A Survey of Research Scholars in the Universities of South PunjabIn ProgressM. Phil
Syed Tahir MehmoodDr. Rubina Bhatti
Essential Competencies for LIS Professionals in Public Sector University Libraries of Punjab
In ProgressM. Phil
Muhammad Naushad GhazanfarDr. Rubina BhattiHuman Resource Development Needs Regarding Automation in University Libraries of Punjab and Federal Capital of PakistanIn ProgressM. Phil
Amjad KhanDr. Shamshad AhmedThe Effectiveness of HEC Digital Library in ResearchIn ProgressM. Phil
Bashir AhmedDr. Rubina BhattiInformation Literacy Skills among LIS Students at Public Sector Universities of Pakistan: An AssessmentIn ProgressM. Phil
FurkanYousafDr. Shamshad AhmedUse of Facebook among Library Professionals in the Universities of Lahore, PunjabIn ProgressM. Phil
Sobia Naz MalikDr. Rubina Bhatti
Library Anxiety among the Students in the Universities of South Punjab: An Analysis
In ProgressM. Phil
Atta-Ur-RehmanDr. Shamshad AhmedInformation and Communication Technology Competencies among Library Professionals in the Universities of Khyber PakhtoonkhwaIn ProgressM. Phil
Rana JamilDr. Rubina Bhatti
Attitude towards HEC Digital Library by the Faculty Members: A Survey of Universities of South Punjab
In ProgressM. Phil
Salman Bin NaeemDr. Shamshad AhmedClinical Information Needs and Seeking Behavior of Remote Health ProfessionalsIn ProgressM. Phil
M. Kamran ChistiDr. Shamshad AhmedLibrary Automation Scenario in the Medical Libraries of PunjabIn ProgressM. Phil