University of the Punjab

ResearcherSupervisorTitle of ResearchStatusLevelYear
Dr. Farzana ShafiqProf. Dr. Khalid MahmoodModel Information System for Educational Administrators in PakistanDegree awardedPh. D2011
Dr. Mirza Muhammad NaseerProf. Dr. Khalid MahmoodLibrary and Information Science Research in Pakistan: Bibliographic Control, Bibliometric Analysis and IssuesDegree awardedPh. D2012
Dr. Muhammad RafiqProf. Dr. Kanwal AmeenProspects of Digitization in University Libraries of PakistanDegree awardedPh. D2011
Dr. Nadeem SiddiqueProf. Dr. Khalid MahmoodAn Appraisal of Library Software Used in Higher Education Institutions of PakistanDegree awardedPh. D2012
Dr. Nosheen Fatima WarraichProf. Dr. Kanwal AmeenHuman Resource Management (HRM) in University Libraries of PunjabDegree awardedPh. D2011
Muhammad JawwadDr. Mumtaz A. AnwarInformation Seeking Behaviour of the Members of the Rawalpindi District Courts Bar AssociationIn progressPh. D
Prof. Dr. Kanwal AmeenDr. A R Chaudhry &
Dr. Syed Jalaluddin Haider
Philosophy and Framework of Collection Management and its Application in University Libraries of Pakistan: An AppraisalDegree awardedPh. D2004
Prof. Dr. Khalid MahmoodDr. Abdul Hamid &
Dr. Syed Jalaluddin Haider
Alternative Funding Model for Libraries in PakistanDegree awardedPh. D2003
Muhammad ArifDr. Khalid MahmoodThe Role of Libraries in Distance Education: A Case Study of Allama Iqbal Open UniversityDegree awardedM. Phil2008
Haroon IdreesDr. Khalid MahmoodA Review of Classification Schemes on IslamDegree awardedM. Phil2008
Muzammil TahiraDr. Kanwal AmeenInformation Needs and Seeking Behaviour of Science & Technology Teachers of the University of the Punjab LahoreDegree awardedM. Phil2008
M. Rafiq AwanDr. Khalid MahmoodRelationship Among Leadership Style, Organizational Culture and Job Commitment of University LibrariansDegree awardedM. Phil2009
Alia ArshadDr. Kanwal AmeenUser's Perceptions and Expectations of Quality Punjab University Libraries ServicesDegree awardedM. Phil2009
M. Zulqarnain AkhtarDr. Khalid MahmoodInformation Needs and Information Seeking Behavior of Business Administration Faculty Members Working in Universities of IslamabadDegree awardedM. Phil2010
Azhar IqbalDr. Khalid MahmoodInformation Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Medical Researchers in PakistanDegree awardedM. Phil2010
Mamoona KousarDr. Khalid MahmoodPerceptions of Faculty about Information Literacy Skills of Postgraduate Engineering Students: A Study of NUSTDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Amara MalikDr. Khalid MahmoodReadiness for Digital Reference in University LibrariesDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Midrar UllahDr. Mumtaz A. AnwarDevelopment and Validation of Competencies for Medical Librarians in PakistanDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Syeda Hina BatoolDr. Mumtaz A. AnwarPerceptions About Participative Management Practices in the University Libraries of Punjab: An Exploratory Study of Senior Professional StaffDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Shahzad AhmadDr. Mumtaz A. AnwarInformation Seeking Behaviour of the Forestry Scientists of the Pakistan Forest Institute, PeshawarDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Sania RasheedDr. Kanwal Ameen
Children's Reading Habits: A Study of Lahore City
Degree awardedM. Phil2011
Sajjad Ullah JanDr. Mumtaz A. Anwar
Pakistan Development Review: A Bibliometric Study of the Articles Published from 1973 to 2009
Degree awardedM. Phil2011
Sajjad AhmadDr. Mumtaz A. AnwarSarhad Journal of Agriculture: A Bibliometric Study of the Articles Published from 1985 to 2009Degree awardedM. Phil2011
M. Asif NaveedDr. Mumtaz A. AnwarInformation Needs of Pakistan Farmers: An Exploratory Study of Adult Male Farmers in a Village of PunjabDegree awardedM. Phil2011
Amna AsgharDr. Kanwal Ameen
Status of Technostress among University Librarians of Lahore
Degree awardedM. Phil2011
Saira Hanif SoroyaDr. Kanwal AmeenApplication of Marketing in Punjab University Libraries: An Exploratory StudyDegree awardedM. Phil2012
Shumaila IramDr. Kanwal AmeenReading Habits, Needs and Problems of Visually Impaired PeopleIn progressM. Phil
Abubaker SiddiqueDr. Mumtaz A. AnwarInformation Seeking Behaviour of Pakistani Historians: A Qualitative StudyIn progressM. Phil
Inaam UllahDr. Khalid MahmoodRelationship Between Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Male College LibrariansIn progressM. Phil
Lubna PervinDr. Khalid MahmoodRelationship Between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Female College LibrariansDegree awardedM. Phil2013
Syed Fakhar AbbasDr. Kanwal AmeenStatus of Medical Libraries in Meeting Information Needs of the B.Sc NursingIn progressM. Phil